Monday, July 11, 2011


Lens@Intanterpilih:ChePutehBeingNaughtyTakMauAmbik GambarSengajaTutupMuka


I am not sure whether this can be called love

For all i know, whenever i see you, despite my gloomy days, i can always laugh

They say, life is tough

But i say, with you, i'll never get enough

I am not a queen, never a princess
All i know, i am a few grams before someone finally call me "obese"
Whether you like it, or you feel depressed

I love you, more than any words can ever express

People says, If you love something, set it free

I'm gonna do that, I'm gonna set you free
Gonna give you anything that makes you happy

Owh! but let us never forget, in this world, nothing is free!!


Entry in tidak ada kena mengena dengan yang hidup atau yang telah mati...saya hanya menconteng di waktu dinihari...


Yatie said...

wah wah... *ehemm* :P
love it, btw!

next time jumpa bleh la autograph buku aaa.. :D


Intanterpilih said...

U like it?hehe...i got few more..nanti aku post...ngeh ngeh ngeh..ker ko suke part yg aku ckp e few more grams.....tu??hahaha

SitiNur said...

Ohhh... patutlah suruh aku baca. :)

Intanterpilih said...

Saja je gatal tangan...ada lagi...nanti aku publish kt blog...contengan time bosan bosan