Wednesday, July 13, 2011

MyVersionOfSpokenWordPoem2- If I Should Have A Son

If I Should Have A Son

If I should have a son
I'm gonna tell him, that he is my sun
In all the thing he does, he must remember "The One"
In any decision he made, he must choose the right one
Because at the back of my head, to depend on, he is the one,

If I should have a son
I'm gonna tell him, that he is born a khalifah,
And if he ever feel lost, please read the Holy Quran, the guide from Allah
For it is the best book, sent from the heavan, through the best man, Muhammad Rasululullah (p.b.u.h),
He needs to read, know and understand every single words in every surah,
For it will be the light for him, to fulfill his amanah!

If I should have a son
I'm gonna tell him, that he is always the man on my right,
If he has a wife, instead of lie to her, he must hold her tight,
They say, " women intuition is always right"
And i say " don't think women are stupid, because many i know are bright"
I always want him to be her most charming knight!

If I should have a son
I' m gonna tell him that pretty faces are everywhere,
Or they can always get helps from SK2, L'oreal or Marie Claire,
Golden heart that fills with God Almighty is very rare,
"So my darling son, If you ever found one, with all your might, please handle with care!!"

Dalila Putrajaya, 14th July 2011


SitiNur said...

Veryyyy beautiful!! :)

Intanterpilih said...

haha..thank you ..saja suka menconteng akhir akhir ni

Teratak Hami said...

tu memang triplet? Syukur !!!

Intanterpilih said...

Kak Ija
they r triplet,, sisters'
saya takde triplet lagi..huhu..hehee

asuhara sue said...

musume no kotto?

Intanterpilih said...

asuhara san : ashta!